Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fun toys after Christmas

I haven't been able to shop at Goodwill for a long time! I am going to try to go more in 2009. I went to three Goodwill's in my area yesterday, and here are some of my finds:

Here is a 2000 piece puzzle. Have I lost my mind?? It is a photograph of Neushwanstein Castle in Germany. I lived in Germany for a year, but I never made it to see this one. Now I wish I had. I did go to a bunch of other castles, and they were all amazing. This puzzle cost $1.38!

Here is a neat cardboard floor puzzle for my daughter. It looks new, and it was only $2.38.

The best find of the trip: a big wooden box full of train track parts! It is not a complete set, but I was still thrilled to find it. It is compatible with the wooden train set that my daughter got for her 3rd birthday. It has tunnels, a bridge, trees, signs, track pieces, a windmill and train cars. The best part: It was $6.38!! I had no clue what I would find when I looked in the box, but I was thrilled.

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