Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Local thrift store finds

We have a new thrift store that opened last year. It benefits the mentally disabled, I believe. It is in an old warehouse downtown, with no air conditioning! It is a neat old building and it holds a lot of stuff. It is mostly run my volunteers, so it is not the most organized place you have ever been to. We love to shop there and my daughter knows where to toys are now "up the scary stairs."

Here are some recent finds from our trips:

Big jar of antique buttons and other buttons $2.50

2 blue flower pots, 50 cents each

Glass jar 50 cents

Some really cute metal stuff for my daughter's play kitchen!

Various mini metal mixing bowls and utensils for my daughter's play kitchen.

3 metal ice cream bowls $1


grace said...

I have some thrifted metal ice cream bowls just like that!

Glad you started a blog. :)

Tilia said...

Thanks, it has been totally fun.

candipooh said...

I am so jealous about the jar of buttons. I have been looking for something like that! You and Grace are both queens of the thrift stores.