Sunday, August 24, 2008

last week's goodies

I have been busy shopping Goodwill and garage sales. I am trying to declutter, but I also need a few things to help me stay organized. I am having a garage sale in late September, so every once in a while I pick up something at Goodwill that I can resell. That doesn't help me declutter at all.

Here are some more jars that I have had really good luck finding. These are 88 cents each, and I will use them to organize my crafts and sewing.

Two lovely tall mugs in a nice blue color. I found these at a resale shop for $1.99 each. A lot of money for me, but these cups will come in handy. Normal cups just don't hold much tea, and I drink tea all day in the winter.

Two really cute Christmasy pot holders for my table. I bought these at a garage sale from a nice lady who had a bunch of handmade stuff. They were $1 each. I am sure on etsy, they would have been $15 for the pair. They are worth it too!

I bought a set of 4 of these glasses for myself, because I have broken some out of mine. I had a set of glasses with white swirlies from Pier One, so these kind of go with. I'm not against mismatched anyway. These were 88 cents each at Goodwill.

I found this cute little trunk at Goodwill. It was $3.38 and I figured I would resell it at the garage sale. It is made from laminated cardboard with silver glitter. Of course, my daughter likes it so we might keep it if we can find a spot for it.


grace said...

I really like the plastic tops on the jars. Very 70s.

Tilia said...

I know! I can't figure out what they used to hold or what they are for. Maybe coffee?

Erica said...

I have 4 or 5 of those jars in the top pic also. All have different scenes on them. I love them! Some came from a Thrift Store, some from my grandma. I have no idea what they originally had in them though lol :)