Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Neat toys found at Goodwill

I found these three wooden vehicles at Goodwill for $5.38 each. I believe they came in kits and someone put them together. They are really cool wood vehicles. They are around 8 inches long each, and super sturdy. I looked them up on ebay and they didn't seem to be worth much more than I paid, but I still think they are neat.

Here is the crane truck:

A wooden jeep or Humvee:

Pick-up truck:

Aren't they cool? My daughter plays with them every once in a while, but hasn't shown much interest in them. My cousin's six year old likes them a lot.

I think they are a great find! In fact, when I was waiting in line to pay for them at Goodwill, several people were eyeing them. One man said "Oh, I saw those on the shelf." And his wife said through her teeth, "Then why didn't you grab them????" I just pretended like I couldn't hear them, because I wasn't giving them up!


grace said...

I love those! My brother actually had something similar to the last one when we were kids. They're in great shape, too.

Tilia said...

You should have seen me, standing in the toys aisle, trying to conceal my glee.